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LIVE LIKE SAILING is our mantra.

It represents to us the ability to experience the water world, the revival of the sailing practice and the unplugging from the city matrix, sailing away into the open horizon connecting to the elements of creation.

 The days pass happily with me wherever my ship sails. 
-Joshua Slocum-

Throughout history sailing has helped civilizations to develop. Our ancestors sailed across oceans to settle in new areas or trade with other civilizations. It's not only an incredible skill and experience, but it offers an opportunity to connect to life from a very special point of view. We believe that sailing can bond families, increase confidence, and open our connectedness to the environment and community.

Alongside our busy urban lifestyles, lies a sacred oasis. Sailing has the power to change your outlook and spin you in a new direction, allows your mind to relax, increases mental wellness, strengthens your physic and agility, improves concentration, and communication skills.

We are a local family of sailors with the passion to share the opportunity of being onboard celebrating life while enjoying a classy sport in the Caribbean blue waters of South Florida.

About Rainha...

The Ocean Is Everything I Want To Be: Beautiful, Mysterious, Wild And Free.

The Bénéteau 50, from the talented drawing board of Farr Yacht Design, is an exceptional yacht built for bluewater cruising.

Unique in its class, it combines refinement and elegance with its fitting yet standard types of equipment.

The four accommodation versions give plenty of space for three couples (six passengers) and crew for overnights trips.

ainha do Mar offers four heads (bathrooms) full galley and BBQ on deck, sunbeds, a spacious cockpit with eight people dining table, or the option to move down to the salon for a cozy wrap-up of the day.
he has snorkeling gear available and a few more aquatic "toys".

 A Ship In Harbor Is Safe But That's Not What Ships Are For 


-John Shedd-

In The Media

Inspiring Conversations with Francesco Desideri

Hi Francesco, so excited to have you on the platform. So, before we get into questions about your work life, maybe you can bring our readers up to speed on your story and how you got to where you are today.

Everything started a little more than 46 years ago but for the purpose of the story let’s skip to my forty’s midlife crisis.

I was living in New York City making the 6figure in hospitality, maintaining a sailboat in a marina near City Island, and living the frenetic city rat race on the daily basic.

Time for myself was never happening, and therefore time for sailing, money was never enough, and the good weather window too short to enjoy the challenging sailing around Manhattan or the Long Island sound to the Hamptons.


Fair Winds Following Sea

Located in the heart of Biscayne National Park our options are endless. 

We can set sail for a 4-hour private sailing trip around Biscayne Bay, along the protected calm water, and take advantage of the dominant east winds to leave behind the city skyline towards the south.
e can explore key Biscayne, the “villas” and their canals stopping for a splash by the sandbar at “Nixon Beach” or entering “Stiltsville” channel sailing by the historical part of Miami prohibition Era